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This paper is a review of how information and insight can be drawn from open social media sources. It focuses on the specific research techniques that have emerged, the capabilities they provide, the possible insights they offer, and the ethical and legal questions they raise. These techniques are considered relevant and valuable in so far as they can help to maintain public safety by preventing terrorism, preparing for it, protecting the public from it and pursuing its perpetrators. The report also considers how far this can be achieved against the backdrop of radically changing technology and public attitudes towards surveillance. This is an updated version of a report paper on the same subject, State of the Ar t. Since , there have been significant changes in social media, how it is used by terrorist groups, and the methods being developed to make sense of it.
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NSF Award Search: Award # - Systems Science at the Jicamarca Radio Observatory

Upper Atmospheric Facilities radar chain and is the scientific community's main source of information about the equatorial ionosphere and upper atmosphere. Multiple new lines of scientific inquiry will be pursued at Cornell and Jicamarca expressly under this award. The broad goal is to quantify chemistry, transport, energetics, and dynamics in the equatorial ionosphere with radar and optical observations and compare the results with prevailing and emerging theories and models. There are ten topics that will form the core of the research to be pursued: 1 the structure and dynamics of the topside ionosphere in the equatorial region, 2 energy and chemical transport at high altitudes, 3 improvement in our understanding of incoherent radar scatter theory, 4 the dynamics and forecasting of equatorial spread-F plasma structures, 5 understanding the phenomenon of stimulated Brillouin scattering, 6 radar imaging of structures in the equatorial thermosphere and ionosphere, 7 understanding the anomalous radar echoes that come from the upper E region and lower F region of the ionosphere the so called " km echoes" , 8 the dependency of upper atmospheric winds as a function of magnetic local time MLT winds , 9 observations of radar echoes from meteors and in particular from the head of the meteor as opposed to the ion trail generated by the meteor, 10 understanding radar echoes at ultra-high frequencies UHF echoes. The study of the equatorial ionosphere aims to better understand the effects it has on systems on which our technological society increasingly depends. The effects include the disruption of satellite-based communication and navigation systems like GPS, interference with terrestrial HF communication and over-the-horizon OTH radar systems, and the production of artifacts in synthetic aperture SAR and other kinds of radar imagery. Meteoroids of the size observed at Jicamarca could also pose a threat to space vehicles and habitats.
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The use of biologics peptide and protein based drugs has increased significantly over the past few decades. However, their development has been limited by their short half-life, immunogenicity and low membrane permeability, restricting most therapies to extracellular targets and administration by injection. Lipidation is a clinically-proven post-translational modification that has shown great promise to address these issues: improving half-life, reducing immunogenicity and enabling intracellular uptake and delivery across epithelia.
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