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Katharine Smyth is 39 years old and has never, to her knowledge, had an orgasm. This week on The Experiment : A personal quest for sexual fulfillment reveals centuries of mythmaking about female pleasure. Be part of The Experiment. Use the hashtag TheExperimentPodcast, or write to us at theexperiment theatlantic. Fact-check by Stef Hayes. Sound design by David Herman.
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Why aren't straight women having as many orgasms as men?

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Listen to Sexy Audio of Male And Female Orgasm Sounds | Vurbl

If we're honest with ourselves, most of us have no idea what sex actually sounds like outside our own bedrooms. The closest thing we ever hear to real sex aside from the muffled noises of our roommates or neighbors through too-thin walls are the overzealous, often ludicrous yips and moans of porn. Sure, most of us realize it's unrealistic to expect a woman to bellow with such force while giving a blow job -- or seem to be on the edge of climax for 20 minutes without ever actually climaxing. Or, for a man to be almost completely silent for the duration of sex except for the occasional grunt. But for as fake as we perceive porn to be, it's still set the bar for what we think good sex sounds like. But all that may be about to change since Spanish sex-toy company Bijoux Indiscrets has started compiling the Orgasm Library of Real Sounds.
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Here's What People Really Sound Like When They Orgasm

Hear what female pleasure really sounds like by listening to orgasms recorded by women like you, who are willing to remove the taboos imposed by society and by ourselves. Bijoux Indiscrets, the brand of erotic products made by and for women, in an effort to show the full gamut of female sexuality, has conducted a study to determine how fiction conditions our desires, expectations and sexual behaviour. To help to change these ideas it has created the Orgasm Library of Real Sounds , showing the way that female pleasure, your pleasure, really sounds. Based on this commitment, we are conducting an in-depth study to explore the prejudices and taboos that influence and condition our sexual behaviour, such as the fictional view of sex and female masturbation.
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Check out other audio like this in our playlists of exclusively female orgasm sounds sex Playlist Currently playing Follow Share Female Orgasm 1, Whispery Gasps and Loud Moans A woman takes quick sips of air to release whispery gasps and loud, fast moans. The sounds of his hand moving are overpowered by his whispers when he releases. These are male sex sounds you want to spend time with. A man reaches his climax as he pleasures himself in the shower.
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