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Supplier Directory & Estimates


This screen is used to store all suppliers that you have either used or may use in the future. The chosen suppliers details can then easily be copied over to the relevant client database to save you from having to duplicate the information again


You can create as many different categories as you need and these would be assigned to the supplier. You can choose to either display all suppliers or just suppliers within a certain category. For example you may be looking for a suitable venue for your client so you could display all your suppliers that have a category code of venue. There is also a search facility. This will search on any text within the supplier name, this can be very useful if you have hundreds of suppliers and you just need to find one suppliers contact details.

You can also use the 'Print Displayed Suppliers' button to just print those suppliers that are on the screen (if you have used the suppliers for category or search facility). You can also just print one suppliers information using the 'Edit Supplier' button.



A number of different reports can be generated and printed, previewed or exported.



Use this option to get a full list of all your supplier details in a csv file. This can be used for mailshots for example


Attached Files

You can attach any documents that are located on your computer to any of your suppliers. For example you may have some correspondence or samples which apply to a particular supplier. Once you have attached the files they can be retrieved at a click ofa button



Any additional notes relating to a supplier can be recorded here.


E-mail Supplier

Will automatically open up a new MS Outlook e-mail addressed to the selected supplier.


Supplier's Website

Will load the selected suppliers website.


Copy to Clipboard

The selected suppliers name and address will be copied to your clipboard. You can then paste this into any document. For example you may be writing a letter to you supplier so you can quickly copy their name and address and paste it into your MS Word document.


View Goggle Maps

Will load Google Maps and display the selected suppliers location based on their postcode.


Copy to Client DB

This will allow you to copy suppliers to you client database. Once a client has agreed to use a supplier you can use this option to copy the supplier details to their client database, this will save you from having to enter all the information again.


The total number of suppliers you have recorded is displayed at the bottom of the screen. If you have received any estimates from any of your suppliers then they can be entered by clicking on the estimates button.

































This screen will display all estimate information that you have added against your suppliers. You can use this screen to keep a record of previous prices charged or estimates received to give you an idea of costs.

You can sort the information by clicking on any of the column headings, you may want to sort by category for example.