Event Planning Made Easy!!

You can use the Event Planner Pro software to plan any type of event. You can use it to organise your business, and to plan multiple events. Please click on the Product Info tab for more information.

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Within the Clients maintenance section, you can store details of your prospects, live clients, and view details of historical events. Our software makes it easy to keep track of your prospects ensuring that you don't miss any potential clients. You can easily view the clients website, location (using Goggle Maps) and send an e-mail at a click of a button.


Client Reports

There are a number of different reports you can run, including clients with unsigned contracts, client unpaid invoices and client overdue invoices.



You can export either all your client information or just the names and addresses into a csv file. You can then use this file for mail merges, address labels etc.


Attached Files

If you have any documents or files which refer to any of your clients stored on your computer / network then you can attach them to the client. This way you can recall the document at a click of a button rather than having to search your computer for it.



Time spent with each client can be recorded, allowing you to be able to determine if you need to increase your fees if you are spending a great deal of time with one client.


Client Finances

Use this screen to record all invoices issued to the client and all expenses incurred. You can then easily find out your profit / loss per client. Once entered these are added to your company finances so you can get an overall picture.




























Client Information


Against each client you can record their event type, e.g. wedding, birthday party, contact details, event date, advertising campaign, status, budget, contract dates, assigned planner and chosen package. Once the client details have been entered you can choose if you would like to create the client database, this can be done at this point or at any point in the future.